External Audits

At National Audits Group, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, ability to recognise and assess financial risk, and capacity to understand complex regulatory compliance.

Our audits are completed by RCA/CA/CPA qualified team members with specialist knowledge and experience who will guide you through financial reporting and accounting processes.

Regardless of your business or organisation’s operations, size or location, we will provide a high level of comfort and assurance over your business risks and processes. We will identify opportunities to improve and communicate cost effective recommendations.

Delivering real value to your business operations, National Audits Group provides quality and innovative audit services at a competitive price. We have the resources, understand the issues and are focused upon delivering a category of excellence that sets industry standards.

External Audit Industries

The National Audits Group team use their knowledge and experience to conduct external audits across a range of industries:

Education Industry External Audits


Health & Aged Care Industry External Audits

Health & Aged Care

Public Sector

Energy & Resources Industry External Audits

Energy & Resources

Manufacturing External Audits


Real Estate Industry External Audits

Real Estate

Professional Services Industry External Audits

Professional Services

Not For Profit Industry External Audits


Construction Industry External Audits


Adding Value

Like any relationship, commitment and communication are core to its success. As a team, we are committed to building our relationship with you, founded on open, regular two-way communication and a ‘no surprises’ approach.

We build the foundation for your success through planning, execution and communication. Our audit services will provide you with the assurance and confidence to meet financial and performance objectives.

Our Fees

Competitive rates – exemplary service. How do the two equate? Quite simply our fees reflect our desire to work with you.

Compliance Audits

Our organisation’s goals and aspirations are more readily achievable when operating within the relevant laws, policies and regulations.

The complexities of regulatory compliance require expert navigation. Our team will guide you through this evolving and ever changing environment to ensure you fulfil your compliance obligations. Any incidences of non-compliance will be identified and allow you to strengthen your organisation through proactive measures including best practice, training and internal controls.

An independent audit and review gives integrity to the information, systems and processes under review, adding value and strength to your organisation. We identify opportunities to improve, and communicate cost effective recommendations by leveraging our industry and technical insights. Our approach is fresh and focused on continuous improvement.

We offer expertise in:

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