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Meet The Auditor: Miyo Cortez

Welcome to our “Meet the Auditor” series, where we introduce you to the auditors who help ensure that our organisation operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In this instalment, we’re excited to introduce you to Miyo, an Audit Manager at National Audits Group, who brings over 9 years of experience in External Auditing.



Miyo holds a Certified Public Accountant License and has completed a Bachelor of Science (Accountancy). Through her studies, she soon recognised an alignment between auditing and her own core values of integrity and ethical commitment, ultimately leading her to a career in auditing.

Miyo began her career in 2014, as part of a team which provided offshore support to Ernst & Young, one of the largest professional service networks in the world. She provided support to teams in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, who are responsible for providing assurance, tax, consulting and advisory services to clients around the globe. It was through this role that she learnt more about the opportunities available in audit, while working as part of a remote team.


Auditing Experience & Expertise:

In 2014, Miyo started her career as an Audit Associate in the Philippines and was soon promoted to a Senior Associate position. During this time, she coached and reviewed the work of her junior staff prior to gaining an opportunity to assist in offshore offices in Australia and Singapore. Miyo joined a Singaporean audit firm as an outsourced Audit Supervisor and in August 2020, she joined National Audit Group quickly establishing herself as a pivotal team member, most recently being promoted to Audit Manager.


Experience with National Audits Group

Since joining National Audits Group in 2020, Miyo has excelled in her Audit career, building strong client relationships and bringing a diverse range of skills to the team.  As a highly dedicated team member, she offers guidance and advice to junior team members and consistently achieves high quality audits.

Miyo believes balancing expectations from the audit team and clients is her most challenging day to day task, and deals with this by ensuring open communication with all parties involved. She holds herself to a high level of integrity which she finds helps her to remain independent and objective.


Culture at National Audits Group

Miyo lists the culture as her favourite experience with the business to date, noting that the group respects individuality while promoting teamwork. She says, “the business makes an effort to genuinely support each and everyone on the team”.

Miyo noted any career can be stressful, however it’s the people you are working with that will make a huge difference: “Finding the right team and right people who genuinely support you will make the work enjoyable”, she says.


Advice For a Career in External Audit

Miyo encourages anyone interested in a career in auditing to pursue what she believes is a meaningful career that offers plenty of growth and opportunity. While she says the path is not always easy, the learnings and experience gained along the way are invaluable.

Miyo believes these learnings can be applied not only to your professional career but also your personal life; “It’ll teach you resilience, respect and equality, integrity and resourcefulness”. She believes the Audit profession is continuously adapting to the modern times, with never-ending room for improvement and a thirst for ongoing knowledge.


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