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Meet the Auditor: Danielle Nye


Meet Danielle Nye, a driven and accomplished professional who has been on a fast-track career journey since 2009. Currently holding an executive leadership role as a Director at National Audits Group, Danielle’s extraordinary experiences have shaped her career and personal growth.


In 2009, while completing her Higher School Certificate (HSC), Danielle’s ambition led her to apply for early entry into a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree at Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga Campus). Simultaneously, she secured a prestigious cadetship with a local firm, setting the foundation for her remarkable journey.

Throughout her cadetship, Danielle gained invaluable real-life experience in the audit and accounting profession, seamlessly bridging theory and practice. Early exposure to external audit honed her understanding of accounting, financial reporting, risk management, governance, and business operations. Building strong client relationships and gaining confidence in her abilities fueled her professional growth and set the stage for future leadership roles.

Auditing Experience & Expertise

Graduating in 2013 with years of experience under her belt already, Danielle was promoted to Senior Auditor at National Audits Group. In 2014, she embarked on a transformative six-week secondment in New York City, a remarkable opportunity that enriched her professional growth and personal life.

Further accelerating her career, Danielle pursued a graduate diploma with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) from 2015 to 2017, leading to a swift promotion to Audit Manager. In 2018, she achieved the milestone of becoming a Registered Company Auditor (RCA) with ASIC, recognising her managerial and supervisory expertise.

Danielle’s dedication to excellence led her to obtain her Public Practice Certificate (PPC) from CAANZ in early 2019, allowing her to sign off on audit engagements. As of July 1, 2019, she proudly assumed the role of Associate Director at the firm, solidifying her position as a leader within National Audits Group.

Experience with National Audits Group

Continuing to excel in practice management and leadership, Danielle was appointed one of the three executive Directors of National Audits Group in 2021, and has since been leading the Wagga External Audit Team. Throughout her tenure at National Audits Group, Danielle has also been serving many other roles such as Technical and Standards Specialist, Training and Development facilitator, Quality Management Representative, and now helping to lead the firm’s growth with a refined focus on people and culture.

In 2022, Danielle’s dedication and unwavering commitment to National Audits Group and the Audit industry culminated in her well-deserved victory of the Outstanding Young Business Leader award at the 2022 Golden Crow Awards by the Wagga Wagga Business Chamber.

Advice For a Career in External Audit

Danielle’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of combining education with hands-on experience. Her dedication, hard work, and willingness to seize opportunities have led to remarkable achievements. She encourages aspiring auditors to embrace continuous learning, seek real-world experiences, and remain open to new challenges.

Danielle’s story stands as a beacon of success and an inspiration to others, proving that with passion and determination, one can achieve greatness. As an executive Director of a prestigious audit company before the age of 30, Danielle’s leadership continues to drive the success of National Audits Group, shaping the future of the industry with enthusiasm and vision.

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