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Noora Fatima


Approaching her final year at Macquarie University, Noora is immersed in pursuing a Bachelor of Professional Accounting, with a clear goal of achieving CA accreditation through CAANZ upon graduation. From the early age of 17, Noora demonstrated her passion for the business world by delving into Admin & Accounting roles straight out of high school. Her journey naturally evolved, leading her into the realm of Auditing, where her unwavering dedication and aptitude for the field flourished.

Noora’s seamless integration into the Auditing landscape was driven by her swift adoption of NAG’s methodologies. Embracing collaborative teamwork, she harnessed a variety of perspectives to overcome challenges. Her interactions with a diverse client base further honed her communication skills and expanded her horizons. Noora’s journey continues with an unyielding commitment to growth, as she eagerly tackles each day’s opportunities for learning and advancement. As she ascends towards the culmination of her academic endeavours, Noora’s narrative resonates as a testament to the fusion of scholarly pursuits, practical acumen, and ceaseless ambition.


  • Studying Bachelor of Professional Accounting

Areas of Specialisation: 

  • External Audit & Assurance
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