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Meet The Auditor: Kristine Jay Anodon

Welcome to our “Meet the Auditor” series, where we introduce you to the auditors who help ensure that our organisation operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In this instalment, we’re excited to introduce you to Kristine, a Senior Auditor at National Audits Group, who possesses extensive knowledge in both accounting and audit.


Kristine Jay Anodon is a seasoned Senior Auditor who brings a diverse set of skills and experience to the table. Her journey in the world of finance and auditing began in the Philippines, where she started as a credit analyst in a beverage company. While there she discovered her deep-seated passion for accounting, setting the stage for her career. After three years in this role, she transitioned into Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) accounting, expanding her knowledge and honing her expertise in the financial sector.

In 2020, Kristine took a significant step in her professional journey by venturing into SMSF audits. Her constant pursuit of knowledge and inquisitive mind have been instrumental in her ability to provide high-quality audits that consistently exceed client expectations. Kristine’s background is a testament to her commitment to excellence and continuous professional growth.

Auditing Experience & Expertise:

Kristine Jay Anodon is a Certified Public Accountant, with a Bachelor’s degree in both Accountancy and Management Accounting. Her academic foundation, coupled with her extensive industry experience, equips her with the knowledge and expertise needed for effective auditing.

Throughout her career, Kristine has developed a specialisation in several key areas, including Accounts Receivable, Bookkeeping, and SMSFs. Her comprehensive skill set enables her to provide clients with insightful and detailed audits, ensuring financial integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.

Experience with National Audits Group:

Kristine’s journey led her to join the National Audits Group in March 2022, where she has continued to thrive as a Senior Auditor. Her experience at National Audits Group has allowed her to further refine her auditing skills and collaborate with a dynamic team of professionals. Her diverse accounting background and industry-specific knowledge have made her a valuable asset to the team.

National Audits Group fosters an environment of professional growth and development supporting Kristine through the completion of her Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Master of Professional Accounting via flexible working arrangements, study leave and study assistance. As a Senior Auditor, Kristine has thrived in this culture of excellence. The business emphasises the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning, which aligns perfectly with Kristine’s values and aspirations.

Advice For a Career in Audit:

For aspiring professionals looking to embark on a career in audit, Kristine offers the following advice:

  1. Build a Solid Foundation: Start by acquiring a strong educational foundation in accounting or related fields. A solid academic background is crucial.
  2. Diversify Your Experience: Don’t limit yourself to a single area of expertise. Gaining experience in various aspects of finance and accounting will make you a more versatile auditor.
  3. Embrace Learning: Be open to learning new things. The auditing field is ever-evolving, and continuous education is essential to stay at the top of your game.
  4. Seek the Right Environment: Look for organisations that value professionalism, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence, just like National Audits Group.


Kristine Jay Anodon’s journey from a credit analyst to a Senior Auditor at National Audits Group is a testament to her dedication to the field of auditing and her continuous pursuit of excellence. Her expertise and insights serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone aspiring to make a mark in the world of audit.

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