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National Audits Group
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Internal Audit Areas

An independent review of the functions and operations of your organisation provides integrity to your operations. Our team will provide a thorough risk assessment and comprehensive review of internal control policies and procedures allowing you to implement improved management systems and procedures.

Our key staff have a unique blend of hands on government and private sector experience, together with more broad-based experience working with a diverse portfolio of internal audit clients.  We are distinctively placed to provide real life solutions to the many risks faced by your organisation, rather than simply providing a textbook style audit, and remain at the forefront of issues that may pose a risk to your organisation.

Government functions we can assist with include:

• Strategic Internal Audit Planning
• Audit committee operations and reporting
• Corporate Governance Reviews
• Enterprise Risk Management Services
• Legislative Compliance
• Section 355 Committees
• Policies and Procedures
• Delegations
• Right to Information
• Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA)
• Long Term Financial Planning
• Fraud and Corruption controls

• Depreciation
• Disposal of Assets
• Stores and depot management
• Asset renewal program delivery
• Fleet management
• Asset Management Plans
• Capitalisation processes
• Asset acquisitions

• Library Review
• Aquatic Centre Management and leasing
• Cemetery Management
• Waste management services
• Water quality
• Environmental sustainability
• Livestock and saleyards controls
• Airport Management
• Parks and Sporting grounds
• Events and festival management

• Tenders
• Contract Management
• Procurement
• Capital Project Management
• Cash handling
• Credit cards
• Grant Acquittals
• Management Accounting
• Budgeting process reviews
• Council investment strategies
• Property and rating
• Fees and charges
• Developer contributions
• Customer services

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