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Fatama Aktar


Fatama embarked on her professional journey as a customer service representative, cultivating her adeptness in communication and interpersonal interactions with clients. Her commitment and dedication led her to actively support the management in the organisation’s daily operations while also guiding and training newly onboarded staff members.

With an ever-growing interest in the retail sector, Fatama ventured into entrepreneurship, founding her own small business. Through this endeavour, she forged diverse knowledge platforms that became instrumental in her personal and professional growth. Eager to broaden her skill set, she delved into various disciplines including business management, customer relations, human resources, procurement, and taxation.

Transitioning her focus, Fatama transitioned into the realm of education, where she made a significant impact by aiding an educational institution in catering to the needs of foreign students seeking English language proficiency. In this role, she not only honed her public speaking and presentation skills but also provided personalised English training tailored to individual student requirements.

In February 2023, Fatama found a new avenue to explore as when she joined NAG. Her unique perspective brought a fresh infusion of culture and diversity to the team, augmenting its dynamics. With a diverse background spanning various business domains, she seamlessly melded her exceptional soft skills with an evolving comprehension of the audit and assurance processes, enriching her professional repertoire.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Areas of Specialisation: 

  • Customer Relations
  • External Audit & Assurance
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