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Auditing for Community Impact: National Audits Group and Wagga Wagga Business Chamber Event Recap

In a collaborative effort to explore the power of auditing beyond traditional boundaries, the National Audits Group (NAG) and the Wagga Wagga Business Chamber recently co-hosted the after-hours business community event, “More Than Just Auditors? Building Better Communities.” Held at the Ambulance Station Gallery on February 21st, the event aimed to delve into the broader implications of auditing on community growth and support. The Gallery venue provided a unique atmosphere with artist Elaine Camlin’s work featured.

The evening, guided by Directors Danielle Nye-Read and Stephen Prowse, along with Business Manager Bobbie-Jo Mitchell, brought together a diverse group of professionals from various industries within Wagga. The event intended to enhance the awareness of NAG’s services within the Wagga Wagga business community and debunk misconceptions about auditing while emphasising the importance of diversity, inclusion, and offshore teams.

Additionally, the event highlighted the ‘Do Good’ impact of audit on the community, showcasing NAG’s commitment to:

  1. Independence and Objectivity: Ensuring unbiased and impartial assessments.
  2. Reporting Accuracy & Consistency: Providing reliable and consistent financial reporting.
  3. Compliance with Regulators: Adhering to regulatory standards and ensuring legal compliance.
  4. Stakeholder Confidence: Building trust and confidence among stakeholders through transparent and accountable practices.
  5. Access to Funding/Support/Capital: Facilitating access to essential resources for community development.
  6. Community Trust: Fostering trust within the community through responsible auditing practices.
  7. Preventing Fraud and Mismanagement: Safeguarding against fraudulent activities and ensuring responsible management of resources.


Attendees and delegates engaged in meaningful discussions about the role of auditing in fostering positive change within communities. As the discussions unfolded, it became evident that the unique approach of the National Audits Group (NAG) sets it apart in making a substantial impact.

The NAG Difference

Adding to NAG’s commitment to community impact, the group stands out with several unique features that contribute to its inclusive and supportive work environment:

  1. Cultural Diversity: NAG embraces diversity with employees hailing from 14 different cultural backgrounds, fostering a rich and inclusive workplace.
  1. Employee Sponsorship: Demonstrating their commitment to their team, NAG has sponsored three employees for Permanent Residency to date, providing stability and security to their workforce.
  1. Flexible Work Hours and Public Holidays: NAG recognises the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working hours, ensuring employees can achieve a harmonious blend of personal and professional commitments.
  1. Employee Appreciation Day: NAG celebrates its team with dedicated Employee Appreciation Days, acknowledging and valuing the hard work and dedication of its staff.
  1. Rendezvous: The annual unique and engaging team-building initiative, ‘Rendezvous,’ further strengthens the bond among NAG employees, fostering a collaborative and supportive work culture.


Sincere thanks were extended to Sally, whose outstanding support throughout the event planning and execution process contributed to its success. Gratitude was also extended to Eastern Riverina Arts for providing the venue, Matt Beaver for photography, and Knights for catering – each playing a crucial role in creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees.

The success of “More Than Just Auditors? Building Better Communities” has fueled enthusiasm for potential future events. While the frequency of such events remains undetermined, there is a resounding agreement within NAG that they would gladly organise and participate in similar initiatives. The group expressed intentions to continue engaging with the Wagga Wagga Business Chamber and attending more of their events to strengthen their presence within the local business community.

As a final note, heartfelt appreciation is extended to the NAG employees who attended, contributing to the event’s success and embodying the group’s commitment to community impact.

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