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Ashraful Ashik


Ashraful entered the audit industry armed with a Master of Professional Accounting from Macquarie University, driven by his strong communication, teamwork, and analytical skills. As an Audit associate at a mid-tier professional services firm, he thrived in a fast-paced environment, using his numerical and analytical prowess for financial analysis, project management, and collaborative teamwork. His adaptability and customer-centric approach helped him excel in diverse corporate settings, where he consistently met cross-functional targets.

Ashraful’s ability to effectively collaborate with stakeholders was a standout trait, honed through various roles in the industry. Concurrently, he managed two international roles during his academic journey, showcasing his multitasking abilities and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality work. Exposure to diverse industries through audit work fueled his curiosity and prepared him to tackle the unique challenges presented by each sector. Ashraful continues to thrive in his career, embracing new horizons within the ever-evolving audit landscape.


  • Master of Accounting (Professional Practice)

Areas of Specialisation: 

  • External Audit
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Real Estate
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