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Michaela Lagunero


Michaela commenced her career in the corporate world, embarking on her journey in April 2018 as an administrative assistant in a private company. Just a few months later, she transitioned to the operations department, where she would serve as an SMSF Accountant for a rewarding three-year period. However, it was in September 2021 that Michaela found her true passion when she transitioned to the role of an auditor, specialising in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

Michaela’s love for auditing grew stronger with time, and in 2023, she made a significant move by joining National Audits Group as an auditor. Her career goals are not limited to professional growth alone, as she also aspires to nurture personal development. Michaela is dedicated to leveraging her knowledge and expertise in SMSF while making valuable contributions to NAG.


  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Areas of Specialisation:

  • SMSFs
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