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Meet our internal accountant

Last week, our payroll and social media posts were prepared in Hawaii, USA. The week before, they were prepared in Alberta, Canada.

Kate Price operates her accounting practice, Price Perspective, as a virtual office. We engaged Kate earlier this year to manage our internal accounting and marketing functions. Kate generally works from Goulburn, NSW, but recently travelled overseas and continued to manage these roles from various travel destinations.

Kate works closely with the Directors at National Audits to ensure our reporting deadlines are met, our staff are remunerated, and our internal accounting records are consistently up to date. Kate also manages the social media function of the firm, regularly updating our website and social media profiles with recent firm events, staff achievements, and other items of interest.

At National Audits, we have a very dynamic and versatile team. Our office operates almost entirely online using cloud-based software, meaning we can use staff from various locations, and that those staff can be anywhere in the world to complete their work.

This sets us apart from other firms and allows our Directors to focus on being the leading provider of quality assurance and advisory services in Australia.

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