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Celebrating #AuditorProud day 2019

Yesterday the whole team got on board to celebrate #AuditorProud Day. On this day each year, auditors reflect on what it is they love about auditing. We celebrated in style with morning teas and group photos, and everyone had something to say…

“Auditing has been my whole working life, it is where I meet most of my friends  gained all my knowledge about life as a worker. I just had lunch with my first boss at Deloittes last week , who is 85 years old, still learning about auditing.” – Graeme, Auditor, Sydney.

“The profession goes beyond providing assurance to clients, its building relationships, understanding client needs and dealing with people on a personal level.” – Danielle, Associate, Wagga Wagga.

“We gathered around, auditors and accountants, to celebrate auditors and the job we do. It was lovely to see diverse teams converse and enjoy some food and company. It was a lovely experience and made me proud to be a new member of National Audits Group.” – Sabrina, Auditor, Sydney.

“No Day is the same unless you choose it to be.” Gansen, Auditor, Wagga Wagga.

“Each and every day coming into work is a new challenge.” – Jane, Auditor, Wagga Wagga.

“I get to work with this awesome bunch!” – Steve, Director.

“Being an Auditor is interesting, inspiring and dynamic.” – Kate, Auditor, Wagga Wagga.

“I enjoy problem solving and every day is different.” – Phil, Assurance and Advisory Manager, Wagga Wagga.

“Helping local businesses aided the growth and modernisation of the local community.” – Nicole, Auditor, Wagga Wagga.

Here at National Audits Group, we are #AuditorProud!

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