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#AuditorProud Day

September 28th is #AuditorProud day, so we asked our staff what makes them proud to be an Auditor.

“I am #AuditorProud of the wonderful and hardworking team at National Audits Group.” – Steve Watson, Managing Director.

“Being a big picture person, but strong on analytics and interrelationships, enables me to approach each audit engagement from a high level, drilling into the details as required and from all sides. My “Auditor Pride” stems from translating all this into quality services for our clients and support at all level for our Team.” – Stephen Prowse, Principal.

“I am #AuditorProud because I can provide clients with feedback helping them increase the reliability of their reporting.” – Daniel Davidson, Audit Manager.

“I am #AuditorProud because everyday is a new challenge for me.” – Didarul Khan, Audit Manager.

“I am #AuditorProud because it is never boring; exposure to different people, businesses and challenges on a daily basis makes this job extra interesting!” – Natalia Angel, Auditor.

“I am #AuditorProud because I am passionate about what we do, who we do it for, and most importantly, who we do it with!” – Danielle Nye, Audit Manager.

“I am #AuditorProud because every day is unique. Different businesses, different places, more things to learn. Never a dull moment!” – Tom Fealy, Auditor.

“I am #AuditorProud because every day I learn so much about new things and apply it to my work and study.” – Nicholas Kannan, Auditor.

“I started audit as a cadet with Deloittes in 1972 and have been auditing ever since. I’ve travelled interstate and overseas, and have made many friends along the way.” – Graeme Kay, Audit Manager.


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